University of Oradea through
the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy

The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy will rebuild and equip a building for the establishment of the Center for Continuing Education of Practical Skills in Health, in order to provide opportunities for training and ongoing training for all levels of medical practice in most health disciplines. The training center will host the following training and development modules:

Anatomy module

  • anatomy atlas
  • pathological anatomy
  • virtual dissection
  • orthopedics, traumatology, etc.

Intensive care module

  • resuscitation maneuver simulator
  • intubation
  • defibrillation
  • treatment, etc.

Surgical Disciplines Module

  • practicing laparoscopic surgery maneuvers

Endoscopy module

  • simulator of endoscopic procedures

Ultrasound module

  • ultrasound procedures simulator

Dentistry module

  • worktable,
  • mannequins for practicing students, residents

Expected results:

The quality of the medical act is expected to increase, as a result of the improvement of the capacities and performance of the medical staff. These results will be obtained by the following methods:

  • Generating scenarios and risk elements that may occur in emergencies or in the treatment of cancer patients, will lead to familiarization of staff with intervention techniques, will ensure a prompt response, with the ultimate goal of saving lives.
  • Emphasis will be placed on learning to act as a team, which is of particular importance, especially in critical, emergency situations, when staff need to act and react effectively, competently, in a short time. Through this training, a greater number of students will have access to practice and acquire practical skills, it is important that these skills are learned correctly from the beginning.

The beneficiaries of these professional training programs will be

  • students of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Oradea;
  • resident doctors under the coordination of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Oradea and the Universities of Oradea and Debrecen, depending on the specialty and the training curriculum;
  • doctors working in clinical hospitals and medical centers in Bihor and Hajdú-Bihar counties;
  • students and doctors from other university centers, by participating in specific courses and through educational collaboration activities;
  • other categories of personnel involved in emergency activities: firefighters, paramedics, military, police, gendarmes, mountain rescuers, etc. The existence of complex simulation facilities will allow specific training.

The partner’s budget:

Total: 1.508.194,08 Euro
ERDF: 1.266.581,38 Euro
                     – Co-financing of the Romanian state: 193.700,91 Euro
                     – The partner’s own contribution: 47.911,79 Euro

Partner contact information

Adress: Oradea, str. Universității, nr.1, jud. Bihor, cod poștal 410087

Telefon: +40 259 408 113;
+40 721 797 266

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