The „Gróf Tisza István” Hospital

As an associate partner of the project, the Gróf Tisza István Hospital contributes to this project as the final beneficiary by using medical equipment in a high-performance recovery and rehabilitation medical center for patients with locomotor problems, located on the thermal pool in the city. In order to balance the medical services in the Romanian-Hungarian cross-border area in terms of physical rehabilitation, it is desired to increase the capacity for outpatient treatments, thus decreasing the congestion in hospitals, where only inpatients will be treated, and in the new center inside the pool interconnected to the building hospital, treatments and recovery activities will be carried out in an outpatient or day sanatorium system.

These treatments will include individual and group medical gymnastics, balneotherapy, electrotherapy, TENS treatment, magnetotherapy, laser treatments, massage, mud treatment, etc.

Expected results: The project will modernize the Department of Physical Medicine and Recovery within the “Gróf Tisza István” Hospital, equipped and functional following the purchase of appropriate equipment for this purpose: device for stimulating the movement of upper membranes, multifunctional tower, biotronic lamp, suspension grace , galvanic bathtub, occupational therapy system, defibrillator, magnetotherapy device.

Partner contact information

Adress: Berettyóújfalu, Orbán Balázs tér, nr.1, jud. Hajdú-Bihar, cod postal 4100, Ungaria

Telephone: + 36 5 450 7536

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