Territorial and administrative division of Bihor county
by the Bihor County Council (LB1)

As a project leader, the Bihor County Council has as main objective the improvement of services used in emergency situations for locating and ensuring in the shortest possible time the rescue interventions, by expanding the infrastructure and modernizing the equipment used by specialized public services. To achieve this goal, the project will include the construction of two emergency medical centers in the mountain area at Padiș and Stâna de Vale, which will be put into use by the Salvaspeo Bihor County Rescue Service (associated partner of the project). They will be equipped with high-performance medical equipment , interconnected with the telemedicine system used by the hospitals in the county. At the same time, state-of-the-art search and rescue equipment will be purchased, the end user of which will be the S.M.U.R.D. from the County Inspectorate for Emergency Situations “Crișana” (associate partner of the project).

During the implementation, the project leader will make five short films about the different phases of the works, as well as a documentary about the results of the activities and their impact on the daily life of the local communities (Bihor and Hajdú-Bihar counties) will be presented on this website, on social media networks, and the documentary will also be presented on a television channel.

Expected results:

In the use of the Salvaspeo Bihor County Mountain Rescue Service:

  • 2 emergency medical centers equipped and equipped, in Padiș and Stâna de Vale
  • 2 4×4 off-road vehicles
  • 12 sets of protective clothing used in mountain rescue.

In the use of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations ”Crișana”:

  • 1 search and rescue truck
  • 1 search and rescue drone
  • 2 thermal / infrared video cameras
  • 5 external automatic defibrillators
  • 10 search and rescue kits
  • 2 patient monitors with defibrillator
  • 2 lighting balloons
  • 1 lighting tower

The partner’s budget:

Total: 1,468,790 Euro
ERDF: 997 749.04 Euro
                     – Co-financing of the Romanian state: 152.570,17 Euro
                     – The partner’s own contribution: 318.470,79 Euro

Partner contact information

Adress: Oradea, Parcul Traian nr. 5, jud. Bihor, cod poștal 410033

Telephone: +40 259 410 181
Fax: +40 259 410 182

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