The project aims to improve the medical well-being of approximately 700,000 people in the cross-border area of ​​Bihor County (Romania) and the Berettyóújfalu area (Hungary), by:

Improving and establishing quality emergency medical services in urban and rural areas, in order to ensure permanent emergency medical care, building a telemedicine infrastructure to help locate, diagnose and treat emergencies in the cross-border area in the shortest possible time time, optimizing the overloads caused by the lack of human resources.

The creation of a cross-border learning and research center, a common space for professional debates, workshops, training, teaching and research, which is essential to keep up with modern technologies to ensure patient safety and security.

Balancing inequalities in medical services in the cross-border area, caused by differences in the availability and quality of oncology, recovery and rehabilitation services, in order to reduce the shortage of specialized medical staff and stop the migration of patients abroad.

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