Territorial and adminsitrative division of the Municipality of Marghita
by the Mayor’s office of Marghita Municipality

As a project partner, Mayor’s office of Marghita Municipality contributes to reducing inequalities in terms of medical services caused by the shortage of qualified human resources and by streamlining diagnosis and treatment times, thus increasing the number of patients cured. Purchased medical equipment, necessary for the evaluation of patients accessing the medical system for the Municipal Hospital “Dr. Pop Mircea”. will be interconnected at the Oradea County Emergency Clinical Hospital through a telemedicine system, in order to ensure the provision and exchange of medical information in real time, allowing the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of a patient, regardless of where he accesses medical services. In the absence of doctors to interpret the exposed images or technicians to obtain the images to be interpreted, through computer solutions the project proposes the realization of radiological images by remote exposure by the staff of the Oradea County Emergency Clinical Hospital, which will make up for the possible shortage of staff in the municipal hospital.

Expected results:

  • digital radiology device will be used by the Municipal Hospital “Dr. Pop Mircea”;
  • two ultrasound devices for medical imaging will be used by the Municipal Hospital “Dr. Pop Mircea”;

By integrating all the devices that provide images with a role in the paraclinical evaluation of patients: radiological and ultrasound, a unitary base of images will be created. This database will not only allow the doctor’s access to images but will also allow the development of a standardized, homogeneous and professional system for interpreting and providing results. Next to the database, within the project, the Municipal Hospital “Dr. Pop Mircea” will benefit from the endowment with modern equipment of the collection of medical data about the patient and communication equipment. These equipments are modern sensors that collect data about important predefined parameters in the evaluation of a patient: blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation of the peripheral blood, electrocardiographic route, HD room for patient examination, ophthalmoscope, otoscope, ultrasound probes (for hospitals that do not benefits from the endowment with ultrasound equipment) but also videoconferencing communication equipment. The role of this complex equipment is to allow a physician located in a remote location to obtain support from another physician of another specialty or with superior skills to establish a diagnosis or therapeutic conduct, without moving the patient.

The partner’s budget:

Total: 268 320.00 Euro
ERDF:268 320.00 Euro
                     – Co-financing of the Romanian state: 34 878.92 Euro
                     – The partner’s own contribution: 5 369.08 Euro

Partner contact information

Adress: Marghita, Republicii, nr.1, jud. Bihor, cod poștal 415300

Telephone: +40 259 362 001

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