Mountain Rescue Service
Salvaspeo Bihor

In order to improve the quality of emergency services, the Mountain Rescue Service Salvaspeo Bihor legally represented by the Bihor Mountain Rescuers Association as an associate partner of the Bihor County Council, will benefit from the project of two new emergency medical intervention centers in the mountain area, located at Padiș and Stâna de Vale. The emergency centers will be equipped with high-performance search and rescue equipment interconnected with the telemedicine system used by the hospitals in the county. Also, the mountain rescuers will receive in custody two field vehicles equipped with the necessary tools for emergency response missions. in serious situations, thus saving more lives. 

Last but not least, by creating such an infrastructure, the mountain areas frequented and by a large number of tourists, become much more protected from the point of view of physical security.

Expected results:

  • 2 emergency equipped medical centers, in Padiș and Stâna de Vale
  • 2 4×4 off-road vehicles
  • 12 sets of protective clothing used in mountain rescue.

Partner contact information

Adress: Oradea, str. Sovata, nr. 34/A, Bihor County, postal code 410290

Telefon: + 40 359 436 022
+ 40 766 555 744

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